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Date added: 2017-07-20 Length: 00:24:46 Rating:
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Description : Mr. Pete is closing his business and his secretary is there to put him at ease.
Date added: 2017-07-19 Length: 00:45:05 Rating:
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Description : A lesbian couple invites the young neighbor boy over for a little fun. They pretend thatthey have a broken light for him to fix. But it is all a pretext for sex. As Alana and Ellastart to play with each other's bodies, it is obvious Lucas is uncomfortable. But, noworry, the lesbians soon let him know that even though they like each other, they alsolike dick.
Date added: 2017-07-16 Length: 00:39:32 Rating:
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Description : Maya Kendrick is a young girl next door who dreams of enticing her longtime neighbor Marcus into a little sexual plays. Today his buddy Tommy is over and they've finally had enough of Maya prancing about in sexy outfits to tease them. They invite her over for a nice little orgy and she takes turns pleasuring both the buddies and making her dreams come true.
Date added: 2017-07-14 Length: 00:41:39 Rating:
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Description : Ryan McLane and Kiki Daire are a married couple. Though they are a happy couple,things have gotten a bit boring. They decide to invite their hot, young neighbor, Aviover to spice things up a bit. And boy do they ever...
Date added: 2017-07-08 Length: 00:49:58 Rating:
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Description : Tommy and John are reminiscing about the old days. They remember when they usedto get as many girls as they wanted to come over for a little fun. This particular orgywas 4 hotties who were complete and total sluts!
Date added: 2017-07-06 Length: 00:45:04 Rating:
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Description : Eric and his wife Candice are talking about spicing up their marriage a bit with an orgy. Eric is hesitant, but Candice reminds him of that time they hosted hot redhead Alexa and her husband Brad.
Date added: 2017-07-05 Length: 00:38:32 Rating:
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Description : Tommy's life has gone to hell. Ever since he started fucking his wife's best friend (LAYLA) his world has been in turmoil. And Layla almost seems to enjoy fighting with his wife. But Tommy can't stop fucking Layla's sweet tight ass.
Date added: 2017-07-05 Length: 00:30:07 Rating:
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Description : KASEY loves her botox. She is constantly at the plastic surgeons. Just look at the cock sucking lips. So today she brings her best friend Jennifer and husband. When Jennifer goes in for her consultation with the doctor Kasey lets her husband know she won't be getting any pussy from his wife. But if he wants to pay for her treatment she would not only fuck him but let him plum her bunghole. But he has been burned before so he demands sex up front. In the waiting room. No problem for Kasey who sucks the cock rigid and hops on the pole and rides it for all it's worth.
Date added: 2017-07-05 Length: 00:30:21 Rating:
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Description : Tori has been spending an exhausting day shopping with her best friend so she definately needs a break. Leaving her freind at the mall she stops in at a bar her BFs hubby is now working at. One thing leads to another and the next thing you know she is in the back room with his massive cock parked up her shit hole.
Date added: 2017-07-05 Length: 00:41:52 Rating:
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Description : Jennifer is having a BBQ and is doing her neighborhood rounds putting the finishing touches on her guest list. She stops by her best friends house and finds her husband there alone. Seems he is a little worried about his wife's need for anal sex. He is worried he will fuck it up. No problem, explains Jennifer, you just need a fuck buddy. So neighborly Jennifer offers to help the husband get some much needed ass fucking experience. Right there and then she pops her ass up on his rigid cock and shows him just how much women hitting 30 love a pumper in the pooper.