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Date added: 2017-08-22 Length: 00:26:41 Rating:
Description : The kids are asleep, so Georgia takes the time to use Eric's bedroom to do a sex photoshoot. Eric walks in in the middle and though he is livid, he is VERY turned on. Soon, Georgia is showing him that's she's much better in the sack than watching the kids.
Date added: 2017-08-19 Length: 00:27:07 Rating:
Description : Cadey is supposed to be babysitting John's kids but instead he walks in to find her camming. He's shocked and tells her he's going to have to tell her parents. That is until she makes him an offer he can't refuse.
Date added: 2017-08-17 Length: 00:27:24 Rating:
Description : Tommy is getting shit from his girl friend about being a lazy ass and staying in bed allday. She demands he goes to get a job. But as soon as she leaves for the day, there'ssomeone in the house who is happy Tommy is home: her daughter Alison, whoseduced Tommy into a little fun while her mom goes to work...
Date added: 2017-08-16 Length: 00:37:13 Rating:
Description : It all starts by laying out by the pool. Two gorgeous big bushed women start talking about what bikinis they will be wearing to the party that weekend and they realize all they really care is about that sweet muff poking through. All this talk has them so horny they just got to do something about it.
Date added: 2017-08-15 Length: 00:27:06 Rating:
Description : Portia asks her boyfriend Eric to help her daughter Avi with her homework. But with abody like Avi's she's used to guys doing her homework for her. Soon, Eric is doing allher work and much more. But what would mom say about this?!?
Date added: 2017-08-13 Length: 00:32:37 Rating:
Description : Maya and Ziggy meet at the esteticians waiting room. Both girls are there to get their summer bikini waxes done. But do to a very busy doctor they are stuck waiting so start showing each other the massive winter bushes they have grown. Well you know girls, one thing leads to another and next thing you know they are licking vagina like they are starving to death.
Date added: 2017-08-12 Length: 00:28:14 Rating:
Description : While his girlfriend goes to grab some tacos for the family, Tommy is planning ondoing a little working out. Soo he is joined by his girlfriend's daughter Bailey, who isstrangely attracted to his weird clothes, goofy persobnality and most importantly, hisbig, hard cock.
Date added: 2017-08-11 Length: 00:32:18 Rating:
Description : AVI is very upset with her boyfriend and is in the process of getting rid of everything that is dear to him. And that includes that massive bush he has loved fucking for so long. Yep it's all going. But just in the nick of time Avi's sweet little Asian neighbor Saya comes rushing in to save the day and take the razor from Avi's hand. That bush should not go anywhere. Hairy pussied girls have got to stick together. Immediately Saya is tongue deep in that wooly forest of a kanipper and the lesbian fest has begun.
Date added: 2017-08-10 Length: 00:28:57 Rating:
Description : Cadey's mom thinks she dressed way too slutty. She asks her boyfriend John to talk to her because she just can't get through to Cadey. John tries, but he has to admit that Cadey looks good in her outfit. Soon, the talk turns kinky and they are going at it. They just better hope her mom doesn't come back home!
Date added: 2017-08-09 Length: 00:30:02 Rating:
Description : One day Edyn is enjoying her fruit breakfast when Nikki walks into the kitchen and her bush goes right into the plate. It's like Nikki does not even care that her massive pubic region is all over Edyn's breakfast. And why should she? Her pussy smells great and tastes even better. Which she proves by rubbing a piece of watermelon all over it.
Date added: 2017-08-08 Length: 00:21:24 Rating:
Description : Rusty is working on a big project and has to get to the big meeting. He leaves his assistant behind to finish up the details and his wife has some details of her own that tending to.
Date added: 2017-08-05 Length: 00:19:24 Rating:
Description : Dirk is a handyman that takes care of all the odd jobs around the house. Jack has to leave on a business trip and leaves his beautiful wife behind. She has a lot of stuff for Dirk to do, and she's at the top of that list.
Date added: 2017-08-03 Length: 00:17:55 Rating:
Description : When the Rockstar husband gets a call to go on tour, the assistant is fresh meat for the wife, who feels lonely and left alone. She wants to have some fun and gets him to fuck her.
Date added: 2017-08-01 Length: 00:22:46 Rating:
Description : Jimmy is a landlord and his assistant Seth needs to take care of the apartment. Someone just moved out and Seth needs to fix it up. With Jimmy gone and the wife outside getting some sun, he fantasizes that she wants him and fucks him.
Date added: 2017-07-27 Length: 00:25:24 Rating:
Description : Mercedes is a hungry cougar and sees the new guy from accounting in the lunch room. She quickly convinces him since no one is around maybe she should welcome him to the company in her special way.
Date added: 2017-07-25 Length: 00:21:28 Rating:
Description : Seth is working late and sees Portia stayed late with him to make sure the work gets done. With the deadline looming, Seth is really stressed out and Portia being the team player that she is help Seth relax.
Date added: 2017-07-22 Length: 00:28:03 Rating:
Description : Eric is taking a break in the warehouse. Danica goes in to make sure an order isput and notices it's not. Her job is on the line and Eric is scheduled to leave.She has to convince him to stay and get the Job done.
Date added: 2017-07-20 Length: 00:24:46 Rating:
Description : Mr. Pete is closing his business and his secretary is there to put him at ease.
Date added: 2017-07-19 Length: 00:45:05 Rating:
Description : A lesbian couple invites the young neighbor boy over for a little fun. They pretend thatthey have a broken light for him to fix. But it is all a pretext for sex. As Alana and Ellastart to play with each other's bodies, it is obvious Lucas is uncomfortable. But, noworry, the lesbians soon let him know that even though they like each other, they alsolike dick.
Date added: 2017-07-16 Length: 00:39:32 Rating:
Description : Maya Kendrick is a young girl next door who dreams of enticing her longtime neighbor Marcus into a little sexual plays. Today his buddy Tommy is over and they've finally had enough of Maya prancing about in sexy outfits to tease them. They invite her over for a nice little orgy and she takes turns pleasuring both the buddies and making her dreams come true.
Date added: 2017-07-14 Length: 00:41:39 Rating:
Description : Ryan McLane and Kiki Daire are a married couple. Though they are a happy couple,things have gotten a bit boring. They decide to invite their hot, young neighbor, Aviover to spice things up a bit. And boy do they ever...