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Date added: 2018-03-31 Views: 0 Rating:
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Description : Sports announcers Natalie Mars and Damien Thorne have gotten themselves soworked up watching all the hot, sports, Trans-fucking that they can't take it anymore.After the show they fuck the hell out of each other right on the news desk.
Date added: 2017-11-07 Views: 0 Rating:
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Description : Natalie is a TS woman who works with Lance. Lance is married to Kacie who wants to experience sex with a trans woman. So her husband arranges a get together with his coworker.
Date added: 2017-10-15 Views: 0 Rating:
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Description : Natalie works hard as a realtor and really appreciates her new boyfriend who literally ravishes her everynight. Even when she is at work he is wanting to talk dirty to her on the phone and have her show her lingerie to him. This guy totally spoils his ts gf as he lays out flowers for her to lead her to the boudoir for a wonderful evening of assfucking and cock sucking.